Make This Valentine’s Day Special…For Him!

I figured if I was going to make an idea post about gift ideas “for her”, it would be silly not to compile a list of gift ideas “for him” as well! Just as wonderful it makes you feel to receive a great gift from your hubby, it is the same way for him.

All too often it seems that it is overlooked how much work the Dads take care of. The Moms are certainly in the spotlight. From pregnancy to birth to feeding to cleaning to household work to childcare, I think it is safe to say us Moms do work hard. I can also say from personal experience that my hubby works just as hard, and many times harder, than I do. While I am up at night taking care of the feedings and changing, he is often up early getting housework done or just taking care of the baby to give me a few extra ZZZ’s. He takes care of all of the house maintenance and snow cleanup. He cleans off the vehicles and takes care of the live stock. He does all of this while still being a huge part of our family days and still working a full time job. It is without a doubt just as important to make sure our guys know how much we appreciate them and all that they do to maintain the household and family and here are a few ideas to help you do just that!

1.) Dinner On The Town – Just as much as we would enjoy that romantic dinner out, so would they. No dishes, no cleanup, no work. Just you and him, maybe a few candles and cocktails and see where the night takes you. Pick his favorite spot! Maybe that is the local brewery/pub where you can get some good man-grub and a fresh brewed beer!

2.)Night Out – Feel free to collaborate on this. Maybe you both mutually agree that a night out is in order and you want to make it special together. Or plan it as a surprise all on your own! What would you both enjoy together? That first overnight alone without the kids can be just the ticket.

3.) Favorite Long Lost Activity – Ask yourself what he loves to do that he hasn’t been able to do for a while? Shooting Range, Fishing, Dancing, Bar Hopping, Hunting…pick an activity that you can do together or maybe he can go do with his guy buddies and set it up for him!

4.)Watch – My hubby is a sucker for a nice watch. Every now and then I will come across one that is so him and I get it knowing that he will love it. This is a gift (like jewelry for women) that is timeless (no pun intended, haha!) and they will be able to use over and over again.

5.) New Man Item – So I say “Man Item” because really this could be anything your guy is looking for. Has he been google eying that new fishing pole? Fish Finder? Gun? Truck Accessory? This is how I seem to always come up with a gift for him. I listen. Throughout the year you will usually be able to hear him talk to a buddy or catch him reading up on some new gadget that he would love to have, but wont splurge for on his own. Get it! He will not only be pumped that you did, but also be touched that you were paying attention!

6.) Go-Karting – We are lucky enough to have a local indoor carting track that is ALWAYS a hit with the guys. Hell, I love to go race…it really brings out the kid in you. This is a great opportunity to get some of his friends involved. Set it up for a man day, and see if any of your girlfriends are looking to include their guys too!

7.) Fishing Charter – This is something that I will do for my hubby someday! He has always wanted to go tuna fishing and any activity that includes boat and fish and that thrill of the reel is a win for most men. Unfortunately, February is not conducive to open water fishing out here in Maine and so this would be a “gift for later” idea…but he will be so pumped! Another good opportunity to get his friends involved!

8.)Concert – Really for guys or gals, this is a great idea for a couple’s gift. My hubby and I are fans of many of the same bands and love attending concerts. This would be another “gift for later” idea more than likely, but luckily the show tour dates are usually posted way ahead of times, so pick a date/time that works for both of you and then you have some time to plan!

Have any other great ideas for the man in your life? Feel free to comment below and add to the list!


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