The Mommy Mondays (Daily Prompt:Forlorn)
Daily Prompt

The Mommy Mondays (Daily Prompt:Forlorn)

I came across this interesting blogging activity where a daily word is prompted and then all bloggers are able to write a post, any post, in response to that word. What fun! The word of the day today was forlorn…a rather sad word, but hey, we will run with it!

Forlorn…well it might be pretty appropriate for a day like today, a Monday. Monday’s are the absolute worst day of the week in my professional opinion (ha!). Years of experience has taught me this, right from childhood where it meant my parents had to restart the work week, to teenagerhood where the dreaded school week started, right up until now where I get a serious case of the Mommy Blues!

Oh the Mommy Blues…they are for real, they are quite the treat. They tend to start generally pretty early on a Sunday as the anxiety for the imminent work week kicks in. Then Monday comes around and this is where “Forlorn” is so applicable. It is a wretched experience whenever I have to leave my little one. I dispise it. He wakes up in the morning and has time to eat breakfast with me and then I have to promptly hand him off to Dada so I can cruise off to work for the day. As a result I lose six hours a day with him.Six hours of his life every day, five days a week. Add it up…that’s so much time that I will never get back. It grinds on me. Frankly it pisses me off.

I know I should be thankful to be employed. To have a steady income and extra stability for our family. I know it’s the “norm” nowadays, and sometimes it does feel nice to be able to help contribute to that aspect of the family unit. I guess it’s just the time lost that is the hardest pill to swallow. Why is it so hard for families to survive on one income anyway?

When the weekends come around and my family can be together under the same roof at the same time making memories, that is pure bliss. That is what life is all about!

So yes, I would say that this word is very appropriate for today. And a great start to this new fun blogging activity! On to Tuesday, I say!

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