Hitting Milestones

I can’t be the only parent out there that gets intensely excited when the little one hits a new milestone but then am awash with a wave of almost panic and a bit of sadness too? Oh.My.Gosh.

My little guy decided that last night was the night, out of the blue, all of a sudden, that he was going to roll over for the first time. I wasn’t expecting it…like at all! We were so lucky that both myself and Dada were present for it. I immediately whooped for him and smothered him with kisses that almost as immediately turned to tears. As he looked up at me in wonder as to why I was acting so hysterical I had to wonder the same myself.

He has hated tummy time since day one. With a fiery red hot passion! We have not been forcing it on him, just retrying every few days to see if he had any interest. Well last night he did. Last night he cranked that little head right up and then swept himself right off to the side and then up and over. Shocked doesn’t quite cover it…

Why do these littles have to grow up SO FAST? Roadrunner ain’t got crap on him, ha!

I swear we were just meeting each other for the first time yesterday…now he is getting all independent and is definitely becoming his own little person! Gosh, it is so amazing to watch. I am in awe every day for the new sounds he learns, the new activities he can all of a sudden do and how he responds so much more than he did the day before.

The urge to soak up these moments is so intense, but just as quickly as you can grasp them, they are slipping though your fingers as Baby speeds onto the next big thing and then the next. A train chugging full speed down hill to that day that every parent dreads when you pack up the car and send them off to college to start their own life. Can’t slow them down, can’t hold them back, can only embrace the change and smile as they accomplish their goals one by one.

If there is anyone else out there who is experiencing the same rollercoaster with me just remember:

❤️Smile with them loudly for they have accomplished so much. Cry with yourself softly for that is the pain of being a mother. Hold them long and close for they are only little once. Love them entirely for life is fast and far too short.❤️


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