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Make This Valentine’s Day Special…For Her!

We have fed Santa Claus his cookies and the reindeer their carrots. The New Years Resolutions have been made and the cheers cheered at midnight. Those of us that are in cold climates have had our first snow and pictures with the kids in their puffy jackets and rosy cheeks have been plastered on the fridge. We all know what comes next, right? Yes, it’s that little holiday that is a great opportunity to show your spouse how much you care and maybe get them a little special something as a treat. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day!

Not sure what to do to make this year really special? Fear not! I have compiled a list of ideas from simple to complex that are sure to be a win for the lucky lady your life! This doesn’t have to be expensive for families like ours that are on a budget. Even just something small to show you care and maybe give her a break for a little while will be greatly appreciated!

1.) Have A Flower Arrangement Delivered – Emphasis on the DELIVERED here. There is something about having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to you unexpectedly at work, or at school or even just at home that is so special. My hubby has come up with so many cute ways of doing this over the years, from having them delivered in chemistry class in high school all the way to my desk at work. It never fails to put a smile on my face and definitely earns an “awwwww” from any other ladies in the vicinity too. Always a sure win, most girls are a sucker for pretty flowers. Chocolates never hurt either, people!

2.) Spa Day – If you really want to bring out the big guns, sign your lucky lady up for a day or even just a few hours of pampering. A massage (even a couple’s massage) can do wonders for the body and the psyche. Most spas offer extras like hot stones, facial’s, mud baths and aroma therapy. Pick what you think your lady would like. Many spas are offering specials and exclusive packages around this time of year so make sure you call around for the best deal!

3.) Jewelry – Classic. Timeless. Jewelry is one of those things that you will just never get bad reviews on. Pick out a trinket for her that is meaningful and will last a lifetime.

4.) Night Out – What parents do not need a night out every now and then? No better time to spark back up the romance than on Valentine’s Day. Ask the grandparents or a close friend to sit for the evening (or overnight if you are daring) and take your sweetheart on a surprise road trip to a fun destination. It doesn’t have to be far. Mystery hotel stay, romantic dinner, maybe a little late night dancing at a local spot…the options are endless.

5.) Romantic Dinner – If you aren’t feeling ready for an overnight stay or just want to be a little more low key, you can always opt for a romantic dinner. A getaway for you and your spouse for just a few hours to reconnect and have some adult time. You could always cook something yourself if you are feeling so inclined! I can certainly attest that the way to my heart is through my stomach…so good food is always a win!

6.) Get The Kids Involved – Make something homemade or pick out a gift that she has been dreaming about and make it a family occasion. After all, the kiddos appreciate Mom too!

7.) Mani’s & Pedi’s – Schedule an appointment for your lady to get her nails done and a lovely foot massage in the process. Collaborate with her bestie and set up a girls day. She will returned feeling pampered and refreshed!

8.) Pick Her Favorite – Not everything needs to come from a store. Many women prefer to just spend time together or would be overjoyed to have an opportunity to do something that they love and maybe don’t have time for anymore. Shopping, Ice Fishing, Movies, Races, Day At The Beach (for those of you that are lucky enough to be warm in February), Shooting Range, Salon Trip? What would your lady like? What has she not been able to do in a while? Surprise her with that and you will be the Valentine’s Day Superhero.

Hopefully this has inspired you to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year. We all deserve a little extra special treatment every now and then. It is so important to stay connected with your spouse even when life gets crazy and busy. This holiday is a perfect opportunity to make that happen!

Have an idea to add to this? Feel free to post your comment below!

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