Five Must Have Mommy Items!

I remember when I was pregnant and in a constant frenzy to try and make sure I had all of the essentials to make life easier post baby. There are a zillion and one different products geared towards moms and exactly how are you supposed to tell what is worth it and what is not? If you find the answer to that question PLEASE do the rest of us a favor and let us know the secret! Seriously.

I can’t speak for all products out there but I can definitely let you in on some that have worked for me and I definitely swear by! Each of these I use on a daily basis and honestly would not want to go without.

1.) Spectra S1 – I cannot, literally cannot, stress how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Spectra S1 Breast Pump. For those of us that breastfeed it is pretty common that at some point you will need or want to pump (return to work or maybe a fun girls trip?). There are about five hundred million pump options out there with different packages, doohickeys, strengths etc. etc., how in the heck do you find the right one? Let me tell you lots and lots of research and a little bit of faith! I happened upon the Spectra Brand while researching Medella which seems to be the most well known pump out there. What intrigued me about it is the ability to customize the settings to fit you! Most of the other pumps I researched made me feel like I was compromising on certain features because not one had them all! It has two stages, one to get the milk flowing and one to efficiently express the milk. You can adjust your cycle and vacuum settings individually and the pump will remember your settings for next time! Super easy! It also has a battery backup (this is the difference between the S1 and the S2), nightlight and bottle holder built in which is an added bonus. You can check it out here!

2.) Lansinoh Nursing Pads – To go along with your pump of course you would need some of these lovely lady accessories! It’s one of those things that no one likes to talk about but all of us breastfeeding moms need. I have tried multiple brands and these are by far the most comfortable. They contour to the breast, wick away the moisture, have a very high absorbency and are uber soft! I’ll give you one little piece of advice however – don’t accidentally leave these stuck to your shirt and then stick it in the washer…I learned that the hard way!

3.) Maternity Bras! While we are on the subject why don’t we talk about the need for a cozy comfy feminine nursing bra. Yes, believe it or not they do exist! These bras are extremely comfortable and priced just right! I even went back and ordered a second set to have as I got bigger with pregnancy. They offer a lot of adjustment and even include an extender for the back. I love how they are low cut so you can wear them with tops that are not turtle necks and they are also lifting without the pesky underwire. No clogged milk ducts here please!You can find them here..

4.) BellaBand – I am totally wearing one of these right now! I bought my first Bellaband when I was starting to show during pregnancy and I couldn’t quite comfortably zip my pants. These handy little gems help shape you like Spanks but they also hold you pants up if you can’t zip them. This serves two purposes, saving money on maternity clothes because you can wear your regular clothes longer as well as smoothing out some lines that come with gaining a bit of weight in a short amount of time. I still use my band post pregnancy as I am working my way down to my normal weight. You can find them here

5.)Nursing Scarf – When I imagined Nursing in public it was kind of a nightmare scenario of dirty looks and rude people together with an obnoxious breastfeeding cover that was uncomfortable and screamed “Hey! Look at me!”…luckily as I was perusing the web one day I found out that they make breastfeeding covers in the form of Infinity Scarfs like this one! I immediately ordered one and am so glad I did! It is comfortable and light weight and most of all discreet. My baby isn’t covered with a ton of fabric, and you can shape it to cover as much or as little as you want. Plus it looks like you are just wearing a pretty accessory to your wardrobe! They come in a few different colors so you can get one or many. Can’t recommend this enough! As a side note I am happy to report that I have not had any dirty looks or rude remarks from people while out in public and feeding, thankfully! Be nice people.

Those are certainly my top five! Have any products you love and can’t live without? Leave a comment below with your recommendation!

Check back in tomorrow for more fun Mommy content!

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