True Direction!

Happy Thursday Moms! As I was folding up some laundry last night I came across a pile of my bracelets and it reminded me of a topic that I wanted to bring up to you all…

First off a little back story:

The day that we welcomed our son into this world was indescribably beautiful! I am sure you can all relate to that feeling. Disbelief, joy, wonder, intoxicating love, the urge to protect, exhaustion, the list of emotions really is endless. It was equally the most painful and liberating experience of my life thus far! Well, as I am sitting there recovering and eating a pile of much needed food my husband ran down to the cafe to grab me a few more snacks. When he came back he was also holding a little blue box and he explained to me that it was from our baby boy to his Mommy (yes, I melted!). Inside the box was an adorable little silver charm bracelet labeled “True Direction” and it went on to explain (in more words) that a mother is a timeless role model who surrenders herself to loving others and offers unconditional love and support. She is the person who always leads you home. This struck me very deeply as I held that perfect new life in my arms.

You see as mothers we have a built in desire and ability to love and protect the people around us, but especially our children. The minute he was born and also when he was still baking (haha) my focus and purpose in life evolved to be something completely new. I would love this child and make decisions for him that would guide him in life to become his own person. I would protect him from harm and teach him how to stand when he falls. We will learn morals and values together. The decisions we make as parents are impactful, in big ways and small.

We all have a built in compass that guides us in this journey of parenthood. We will inevitably make mistakes along the way, that’s just reality. It is the individual journey that makes this chapter of life so special. It is important for you to raise your child how you see fit, even if there are voices around you saying it’s wrong or there are better ways. Not to say advise from an experienced person is always wrong, in many cases bending someone’s ear on a topic you are unsure of can be extremely helpful, but you as a mother or father to this child know in your heart what is best for your family. Always go with your gut instinct wether it be for feeding, sleeping, routines, discipline, gifts or even clothing (it still shocks me what complete strangers get opinions about!). You just do you Mama!

While we are guiding our children, they also guide us. In his four months of life he has already begun to change me as a mother and a person. You cannot know true selflessness until you look into the eyes of your child and know that in an instant you would move heaven and earth to protect them. He owns my heart and my soul. We have been truly gifted, you and I, to cherish and teach these little beings how to be kind and humble and good as they teach us patience and trust and unyielding love.

Please don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then especially on those days when you feel like you are not good enough. Especially on those days. Our journeys are monumental and undeniably taxing, yet they are also the most important, beautiful and rewarding paths that a human can take. Be proud Mamas! ❤️

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