Mama & Dada, I Do Love You So!

Dear Mama & Dada,

Did you know how you are my world? Not too long ago all I knew was warm cozy darkness, the sound of your breath and the beat of your heart. Once I realized I could move my arms and legs I would dance all by myself to that beat and smile when you would try and dance with me! We used to have so much fun playing footsies through your tummy.

Then one day things felt so very different. I felt too big for your belly and then you started hugging me really tight. Without meaning to at all I started moving down, down, down and then all of a sudden my whole world became different. What is this weird place Mama? Who are these people? It’s so loud and so bright and I was so scared…

But then someone picked me up and moved me to a soft place. I heard the sweetest voice whisper in my ear, “Hello Baby, I’m you Mama” and you smelled so good! I realized then that I could hear the beat of your heart and you were my Mama, just differently now! Where are we Mama? Why are we here?

I couldn’t see very well because the lights were so bright, but I remember a deep soothing voice saying “hello” to me too and now I know that that was Dada! He looked bigger than anything I had seen before, not that I could see very much at all! He made me feel safe with his words and gentle touches!

We snuggled for a good long while and then they moved me again. I was not very happy that they took me away, but felt better after they wiped me down…I was rather sticky after all. Dada put this thing called a dy-per on me, it was strange since I had never worn anything on my body before. People in this world are a bit strange though so maybe they think that is normal? Then one of my favorite parts happened. Dada snuggled me up in a really warm blankie and I got to cuddle you again!

Do you remember Mama the first time we made that special bond? You talked me through it even though I didn’t really understand what was happening! We are such a good team! You held me close and before I knew it I was drinking something so yummy. I didn’t even know that I could do that! You and Dada were so happy for me, I could tell because you kept smiling really big and rubbing my cheek just how I like.

After eating I felt really tired and so I snuggled in and I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember I was meeting all kinds of new people. They were all so nice and so excited to see me…I really felt so special! I was very happy when later on came and it was just you and me and Dada again…it was a long day and I was very tired!

The lights kept getting bright and then dark again for a long time after. I liked when it was darker, it made me sleepy and so I slept a lot. You and Dada changed my diapers and I ate and I slept and that was about all we did!

One morning we woke up and you and Dada seemed really excited! You put me in this strange thing that sat me up and I could look around. I hadn’t seen much of the World from this point of view! You took me to this place that was even brighter than before (I didn’t know that could happen!) and then we got into this big thing that moved and swayed. I felt very comfy and so I decided to take a nap.

When I woke up again we were in yet another new place, this place I decided I liked better than the last. I was surprised when a big fuzzy face with poky whiskers greeted me at the door. My face tickled so! You and Dada were so very happy…I could feel it and it made me happy too! You told me that this place was called “Home”.

It’s been a while now that we have been Home. I have decided this is my favorite place in the whole world, which let me tell you, seems pretty big! I have a place called my “Room” which has my “Crib” and I love sleeping there every night after you sing me my song.

We all have so much fun together! I figured out that if I stretch my cheeks really wide and look right at you and Dada it makes you do the same! You must really like the way I look! Bath times are my favorite times -oh boy, does that warm splashy water stuff feel nice! Do you remember how just the other day we were playing that game where we all lay on our tummies (you know how much I don’t like this game, right?)…remember how I lifted my head up really high and looked at you? I decided this game is not so bad after all, as long as I can see your face! You and Dada were so happy, I wondered why you were crying?

I meant to talk to you about that too, you know. I feel like you are so happy when we learn new tricks together, but then you cry too. When I cry it is because I had a poo-poo or a pee-pee or maybe I am just missing you…but I am not usually happy about it! Do you need to change your dy-per Mama? Is that why you are crying sometimes? You should talk to Dada, he is the fastest dy-per changer I have ever met!

Thank you for taking such good care of me since I have been in this new world! On those hard nights when it was all so new to me, I know you were exhausted and you still got up every time I needed you. I rely on you so much, Mama and Dada, and I know I can always count on you to keep me safe. When I feel scared or tired or sad you are always there to hold me and make me feel better. When I am happy and want to play, we have the best of times together. If water is falling from the sky and it is one of those days where we just cuddle close and take naps all day long, I am as content as can be.

Please know that I love you today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today. When you look into my eyes with such love and devotion I am doing the same. We are the same, you see, because your blood runs through me.

Just a reminder to all you wonderful moms and dads out there that in our baby’s eyes we are the world! Love them lots and hold them often, they are only so little for such a short period of time! Xoxo

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